LendChain (LVCOIN) ICO

updated 16 August 2018

LendChain is a distributed digital asset financial services platform.

Token sale info
Status: upcoming
Start: 28 August 2018
End: 30 August 2018
Cap: 400 ETH
(117 436 USD)
Goal: 2 000 ETH
(587 180 USD)
Price: 1 LVCOIN = 0.01766 USD
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LendChain is a distributed digital asset financial services platform based on the GXChain, providing digital asset holders with different types of financial services such as financing, investment, insurance and others.

The launch of LendChain was not accidental. There were many similar products before LendChain, but most of them didn't hit the nail on the head directly for the users, or have done it too early, when the market size has not yet reached the stage of carrying financial services, many blockchain projects have disappeared. But now it is the perfect timing. If we enter now, we will succeed. LendChain aspires to build the world's first distributed digital asset financial services platform to enable digital asset holders with financing needs, to acquire loans at low cost in time, and allow digital asset holders gain more income through investment. As of now, there is not yet an institution in the world that focus on this field, with the rapid development of blockchain technology and digital assets, we believe there will be more than a trillion of opportunities in the market. In addition, LendChain will also become the first commercialized application developer on the GXChain. Through the comprehensive cooperation with GXChain on technology, operations, user credit grading and other areas., LendChina will become a leader in digital asset financial services.