The world's First Digital Asset Finance Service Platform

Token sale info
Status: ended
Start: 16 June 2018
End: 20 June 2018
Cap: 1500000 USD
Goal: 3200000 BTC
Price: 0.032 LV = 1 USD
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1. Project Introduction

LendChain is a distributed cryptocurrency financial service platform, which provides financing, investment, insurance and other financial services for holders of cryptocurrency. At the financing side, LendChain provides mortgage and credit financing services, covering BTC, ETH, EOS, GXS and other mainstream cryptocurrencies. At the investment end, LendChain has a professional investment and research team to provide a variety of investment products, such as fixed rate and floating incomeinvestment.


2. Team

LendChain comprised of experienced talents in the field of finance. Its leader is former CMO of GXChain. The LendChain team has witnessed the rapid and undulating development of blockchain, bitcoin, accumulated rich experience, deep thinking and unique views on blockchain and cryptocurrency. The team members are young and energetic, innovative and courageous to face challenges. With a good sense of social responsibility, they are willing to contribute to the development of the blockchain industry.


3. Strategy

3.1. Mortgage

LendChain establishes the entire loan process of the user on the blockchain, including mortgage asset freezing, loan, investment,repayment, late payment collection, etc., all will be executed through smart contract. No people involved in the operation process, avoiding the low efficiency of the centralized platform and eliminated the risk of single point failure.


3.2. Loan

LendChain will collaborate with GXChain, a decentralized credit data platform. GXChain has abundant credit information, especially for cryptocurrency holders. Moreover, the LendChain team is proficient in financial technology and big data risk control. The combination of credit data and financial modelingwill enable us to provide loans for cryptocurrency holders.


3.3. Investment

LendChain will provide investment services for cryptocurrency holders. Users can investcryptocurrency (currently support BTC, ETH, GXS, EOS) to LendChain platform. LendChain hasresearch analysts to provide robust financial products, including the mortgage, personal loan, venture capital, hedge fund, mining, and secondary market investment.

Investment will provide long and short termwith fixed/floating interest rates, users can invest according to their preferences. The LendChain platform also provides productswith good flexibility for users, such as cryptocurrency mortgage, and mortgage investment.


4. Advantages

4.1. Efficient and secure

LendChain builds the whole lending process on the blockchain, using smart contract to providemortgage, monitoring, credit assessment and other services. No people involved in the whole process, and the platform is fully automated.


4.2. Credit data information

LendChain has chosen GXChain as strategic partner. The main business of GXChain is a data trading platform based on the blockchain, which has a large personal credit data base. These credit data will greatly support LendChain platform.


4.3. Traffic support

LendChain will get the help of dAppBlockcity in the early stage, which has 1.4 million real-name verified users, and more than 600 thousand daily active users. Blockcity is a famous blockchain applications in China, most users are cryptocurrency holders and believers. This will help LendChain quickly gather a large number of accurate users. Moreover, LendChain will work with exchanges and wallets to develop API in the future, enabling users to invest without transferring funds.