updated 01 January 2018

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Status: ended
Public sale: 28 Nov`17-28 Mar`18
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About LELEcoin

The IACTC team will continue to improve the use of LELE coin.
Among which will try to create and developed one by one platform as follows:

TRAD-IE (Internet Entrepreneur)
A platform developed for educational purposes of Crypto trader.

To make it easier for administrators, entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses, and retailers who accept LELE coin (and other crypto coins) as a transaction service for their merchandise and other services to optimize the market. MARTIE will be the base platform for achieving business deals quickly, easily and on time with a variety of process tools.

A platform where LELE coin (and other crypto coins) and other digital assets can be traded with a variety of existing crypto coins. LELE coin will be the part of this sale.

A platform for members to get all their ideas into a work for the benefit of everyone with the full support of the whole community. Of course it is also very useful in developing work projects and services.

A platform to accommodate travel and bureau travel agents in order to transact with tourists, travelers and pilgrims. Both domestic and foreign, but may start cooperation with the parties from within the country for example: Bali, Yogya, Jakarta, and so on.

A platform that can accommodate the needs of ledger for Credit Union.