Leap With Alice (ALICE) ICO

updated 14 October 2018

A Leap in Creative Education

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Leap With Alice

About Leap With Alice

Leap With Alice, LLC (LWA) is a technology platform & marketplace with the capacity to create, buy, and sell educational content. Through the LWA platform, users will be given the ability to go into the application to create their content using simple and easy to use drag and drop features. The platform will provide templates and guides on how to create effective content. In part, the ability to create effective content is reliant on the technology backing our platform. LWA will be focused on utilizing the blockchain, augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) to orchestrate a revolution in the outdated education system that currently exists.

Lessons range from augmented literature pieces to Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) curriculums, the limits of the content are in the hands of our creators. Educators take the driver's seat in the immersive world that they build and deliver to their class. With the LWA platform, we provide the tools to build with, the educators provide the content.

With AR being a prominent piece of the platform, we offer it as a tool in the creation process. Within the platform’s creation phase, we will offer 3D models, animations and pre-made education pieces that come to life through the LWA application.

Existing use cases are currently available through the Alpha build of the application. One of these use cases includes our solar system smartsheet.

Through the LWA Alpha build, users can open the application and point their device’s camera at the solar system smartsheet.
Once the user engages the smartsheet, the planet Neptune emerges from the paper and is rendered as a 3D, interactive model. This level of immersion is uncommon in the education system today. As a user, you now are able to look around the planet, see its orbit in real time and learn more about its history.

Once the smartsheets are created the user may store their content for themselves or take the opportunity to share it with the world through the ALICE Marketplace. Users are given the option to post their content for free or a price point they choose. The seller of the content is entitled to the earnings, minus any transaction/conversion fees. These transactional/conversion fees occur as the ALICE Token is utilizing the blockchain. This marketplace allows for the growth of a new-age educational community. By creating and sharing lessons, along with other educational content, the platform organically grows based on educators creating, selling and buying.

These lesson plans are community driven spaces intended to benefit educators the most. As you create and distribute through our marketplace, the opportunity to meet and interact with educators throughout many education levels and geographical areas is available. Educators of the future are anyone from artists to instructors and have the knowledge to share with the world. The services in the ALICE marketplace are paid for in "ALICE" tokens.

This creates a natural demand for the currency, helps educators avoid the struggles of moonlighting, and allows them to focus on what they do best: Educate.