LabStart (PreICO) (LAB) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Investment Platform for Innovation Projects

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Status: ended
Public sale: 25 Mar`18-24 Apr`18
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LabStart (PreICO)

About LabStart

Today, innovation is at the heart of our societies. Some major society challenges such as ecology, overcrowding, or else decentralization appeal to the capacity of our societies to find innovative solutions that will help solve these issues. Yet it is currently very hard for an individual to get directly involved in an innovative project. Considering the importance of the innovative impact on our life now and in the future, we think that anyone must have the opportunity to get involved in this process, and at every level of responsibilities.

In order to open the innovative ecosystem to everyone, LabStart intends to use the various models of crowdfunding by incorporating the concept of patents. Once the innovation project finished and the technology or the product itself developed, each investor will hold a share of the patent ownership. Sharing the patent ownership and tracking the innovative process are made thanks to the blockchain and smart contracts technology, via the LabStart platform.