The first blockchain-based cloud computing platform to enable deployment of fully functional applications on the Kumo blockchain

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Status: ended
Start: 24 July 2017
End: 01 November 2017
Cap: 0 ETH
Goal: 12000 ETH
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Kumo - Blockchain Based Cloud for Real World Apps

Kumo is the first blockchain-based, decentralized, cloud computing platform focused on running real world, industrial applications. By creating a fully functional cloud computing infrastructure on the blockchain we are able to fully decouple data centers, servers, cloud providers, and other hardware infrastructure from applications enabling developers to write code and deploy without having to consider scaling, failover or server maintenance.

This project has a big vision that needs to be proven on the real market first. The whitepaper does not provide research data for the projection of this niche market in the coming years. Furthermore, the whitepaper needs to be simplified for a generic audience. They emphasize too much on the technical aspect of the project.

The young team has some experience in the cloud industry with the company Rackspace. The team will need to work hard to create a hype for this project. Their presence on social networks is not existent.

Furthermore, no MVP is available to evaluate the functionally and get our hands on the technology.

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CheSatochi has worked in IT for the last 19 years.

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