Korbex (KBX) ICO

updated 03 September 2018

Next Generation Digital Asset Exchange

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Jan`18-01 Feb`18
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About Korbex

Korbex is a digital assets exchange platform owned and operated by Korbex Limited,. (hereinafter, “Korbex”) based in Hong Kong. Korbex provides advanced trading features while protecting assets with maximum security. The platform su pports high volume markets across various assets , enabling real-time and high-frequency trading. Visit korbex.co to find out more.

Korbex not only aims to solve the existing problems of current cryptocurrency exchanges but also maximizes traders and participants’ profitability by introducing an intermediary token, “KBX token” (hereinafter, “KBX”). It can be also used to pay fees, Korbex Prime, subscribe to Korbex AI Trader and more. KBX can be purchased through Korbex or freely traded on Korbex exchange.

Interests among public is mesmerizing by skyrocketing capital gains in bitcoin and altcoins, while growing needs for exchanges was inevitable. As of Dec. 2017, 24 hrs trading volume within top 10 exchange is more than USD 13bn, and the daily profit is more than USD 2bn. There are many corporations and private participants that are seeking investment and business opportunities in cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange markets, because of their high growth potentials.