Knowledge team

updated 26 January 2018

Knowledge scores how much people know and puts it on the blockchain. Innovative Q&A ad tech, SDK, Apps for Education, Employment & Commerce.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Jan`18-09 Apr`18
Cap: 65 000 000 USD
Goal: 15 000 000 USD
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    Anas Adhami
    Chief Executive Officer
    Steven Englander
    Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
    Marcia Hales
    Chief Operations Officer
    Christian Gartner
    Chief Financial Officer
    Gabo Esquivel
    Principal Blockchain Architect & Developer
    Diego Barahona
    Senior Blockchain Architect & Developer
    Kristopher Adams
    Principal Data Architect
    Bryan Ramirez
    Principal Software Architect
    Rommel Castro
    Senior Software Engineer
    Daniel Prado Burgos
    Senior Software Engineer
    Arturo Campos
    Senior Software Engineer
    Kevin Villalobos
    Software Engineer
    Brad Mehl
    CEO Lively - Marketplaces Strategic Advisor
    Ted Shergalis
    Ad Tech Strategic Advisor
    Ryan Seaver
    Ad Tech & Southeast Asia Strategic Advisor
    John Jeries
    CIO Benedictine University - Education Strategic Advisor
    Denise Tayloe
    CEO, PRIVO - Children's COPPA & GDPR Compliance Strategic Advisor
    Dana Garvey
    President & CEO Gaming Grids - eSports & Games Strategic Advisor
    Ryan Rule-Hoffman
    Blockchain & Systems Strategic Advisor
    Tim McDougall
    MarTech Strategic Advisor
    Nick Cote
    Crypto Trading & Token Sale Strategic Advisor
    Yasuhiro Takayama
    Japan Crypto Community & Ad Tech Strategic Advisor
    George Kimionis
    Founder & CEO at Coinomi - Strategic Advisor
    Alfred Jordan
    Strategic Advisor
    Sean Brizendine
    Blockchain Strategic Advisor
    Bridget Bidlack
    Ad Tech Strategic Advisor