Knabu (KBU) ICO

updated 21 November 2018

Fiat Infrastructure for the Decentralised Economy. We are looking to resolve the issue of lack of banking to blockchain segments, improve slow inefficient payments & the integrity in finance sector

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Status: ongoing
Presale: 01 Nov`18-28 Feb`19
Public sale: 01 Mar`19-31 Dec`19
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
Price: 1 KBU = 0.039 USD
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Utility
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Our tokens will be sold to the public by auction which will determine the token price.


We are building:

(i) a platform where credible token projects are incentivised.

This is a springboard which incentivises good behaviour through community engagement using stake and reputation.

There are too many bad actors in our otherwise credible token market, we have seen too many scams or projects grossly failing to deliver.

(ii) a fiat clearing bank whereby crypto companies can access fiat clearing with a DLT re-engineered bank model.

The current banking system is outdated and expensive. All crypto companies can not get basic banking services as the banks in the UK are anti -crypto, meaning there is no banking to the blockchain segment. Blockchain companies need banking access in order to push forward their innovations

In the last 250 years, there has only been one clearing bank to enter the UK market. We are looking to further break this monopoly and be the first blockchain technology business to offer clearing. In addition to deposit taking and transaction processing of our own customers, we’ll facilitate the actual movement of money from one account to another between customers of other banks and payment service providers (PSPs). We’ll do this as a B2B business, being direct members of fiat payment schemes (eg Faster Payments, SEPA and CHAPS).