updated 19 July 2017

The Next-Generation of Supercomputers are Distributed

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Oct`17-20 Oct`17
Cap: 250 000 ETH
(37 180 000 USD)
Goal: 25 000 ETH
(3 718 000 USD)
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The Bitcoin network alone wastes 5,000 Peta-Hashes per second. That is 64,000x the power of all Top 500 Supercomputers combined. KDS takes that discarded power and sells it as a distributed supercomputer. The revenue generated is divided among our miners, relative to the work they completed. Science Power and Research Coins (SPARC) are an Ethereum token we have created to represent your computing power. Using our peer-to-peer network we connect projects directly with miners who have resources to sell. Our application compartmentalizes mathematical operations to protect our miners, and verifies results for our projects.

They use scientific research as proof of work to distribute coins. The token is tied to your computer resources creating a stable asset. Connecting to institutions and researchers we allow work packages to be created and verified on the network for miners to complete. By rewarding all work completed we are making good use of otherwise wasted hashing power. Our alpha system runs on top of the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing giving us access to a large and already existing market of work and miners. Since we rely on excess computer resources we are saving hardware costs and will always be less expensive than supercomputer centers.