Kinetic Revolution (KRC) ICO

updated 15 June 2018

Kinetic Revolution Ltd introduces Kineticex KRC as a new age platform for reliable digital transactions in the cryptocurrency market.

Token sale info
Status: ongoing
Start: 15 August 2018
End: 14 September 2018
Cap: 68 750 ETH
(20 422 875 USD)
Goal: 68 750 ETH
(20 422 875 USD)
Price: 1 KRC = 0.00025 ETH
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About Kinetic Revolution

Kinetic Revolution has instigated a new concept of digital payments platform named Kineticex -KRC. It is touted to be a new-age reliable platform for securing and transforming the payment processing platform. Users can store and process digital transactions in a more secure and transparent system that is built and engineered to run on the Ethereum blockchain. KRC token is an ERC 20 token that has the reputation of being secured like Fort Knox. This platform can be used on a worldwide scale on all websites where users shop, and social media networks like Facebook, Google or any other current standards. With a live and running exchange, you can start trading on the Kineticex with KRC tokens without any hassles.