KickCity (KCY) ICO

updated 23 August 2017

KickCity is the first company in the event industry, which focused on building blockchain-based value communities

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Mar`18-29 Mar`18
Cap: 12 500 000 USD
Goal: 12 500 000 USD
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KickCity is a Y combinator startup school Alumnus and completed Microsoft Bootcamp in Helsinki. The startup has innovative products that currently generate revenue. KickCity has offices in Delaware, Houston, Helsinki, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. KickCity is building products that will drive huge demand of KickCity Tokens (KCY) while creating real value to the users. By creating the online value community, which is supported by a strong offline events community, KickCity will cause adoption of cryptocurrencies.

P2P event marketing will give everyone a chance to earn by contributing promotional power. KCY -a reserve for other event platforms to using P2P marketing protocols. The Platform will be used for decentralized & transparent P2P event marketing and will accept FIAT, certain ERC20 token and Bitcoins for ticket purchase.


I don't even know what a sense here to create your own token, while this idea might be developed without the blockchain technology. The world is crazy and all startups trying to connect their ideas with blockchain somehow to get as much investment as they can. Great idea but I don't understand why do they launch an ICO. I will be happy if someone explain me


Overall - 3.8/5

Overall strong, MVP exists and company is supported by a solid team and community. Fairly clear, succinct whitepaper that explains the two main goals of the company’s development and gives ICO details and terms.


-- what problem does it solve?

Helping event organizers sell tickets/get registrations -- they incentivize users to promote events and collect rewards in the platform’s token (KCY)

Create value communities around information/ communication about blockchain and crypto

--stage of development

Very developed, they already have a working product (P2P even promotion app) that’s been in use for the past 1.5 years and that is, according to them, already generating revenue. Report to have 70k+ users currently


ERC20 token incorporates Bancor protocols and is very much incorporated into the product economy.

KCY can be used to buy tickets to events on the platform or, of course, exchanged for crypto, with direct liquidity to ETH and BCN.

High accessability -- event organizers don’t need to know how to buy/sell crypto to use the platform, they can just allocate a portion of their fiat budget towards promotion on the platform (again, incentives are paid to users in KCY).

Also, adding more users to the community should increase the token value, with is highly plausible.

Though Kickcity provides no regulation info on their website or in their whitepaper, the token appears to not function as a security, according to the SEC definition, though it is worth asking the team to explicitly clarify for whatever given jurisdiction you’re investing from.   


Technically speaking they definitely seem to have a solid team to accomplish what they’ve proposed to do. Marketing wise, their team seems to be a bit lacking in real professional experience, especially for a product made to incorporate marketing into its very design.

DCT distribution to the ICO participants started on July 2nd (2017). Each account is handled manually to ensure all the data ksdjfhaioare correct before the transaction is confirmed and timestamped in the blockchain. By now, ICO participants who went through the ICO Reclaim and logged in to DECENT GO have their balances transferred. To be exact, more than 1700 accounts were handled and more than 27M DCT distributed.
I think this is the most promising ICO of all November! 
Solid idea, solid team with tons of experience in the field... It is very much possible that they become the leader market for game items.