Katalyst Coin (KatalystCoin) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

World’s first Proof-of-Loyalty Blockchain

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Jan`18-15 Feb`18
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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Katalyst Coin

About Katalyst Coin

Historically, humans started to barter trade with one another as it was natural and accessible to do so.

A farmer exchanging excess produces like chicken with another farmer with excess fruits. The purpose of trade is that it makes the trading parties better of - the quality of life is better of for trading parties.

Subsequently, barter trade lost its signifcance because barter trade had its inefciencies.

Firstly, it is inefcient to carry the goods to be bartered. Secondly, the goods may not be universally tradable - Johny may not need the chicken, though Mahir may need the fruits. A common and convenient medium of exchange had to be invented - money (legal tender) was invented as a necessary tool to facilitate trade efciencies.

Legal tender money by defnition has to be issued by a central authority in a given country. Usually the central bank in a given jurisdiction. Money is facilitated as a common lubricating element to make trade between 2 or more parties easier and more efcient.

The recent blockchain revolution however resolves the 2 above mentioned inefciencies of barter trading. Firstly, blockchain technology allows barter trading to be carried out without needing to transport the goods. Secondly, blockchain technology allows the matching of needs between more people across great distances - thus increasing the chance that common needs can be matched and met and in the process accelerating the pace of trading and economic transactions.

This gives rise to immense market opportunity as there is no unifed exchange to facilitate the bartering of digital inventories all over the world. Present day cryptocurrency exchanges are basically functioning like a securities & currency based exchanges and not barter trading exchanges - this is missing the woods for the trees. To make things worse, securities & currency based exchanges need to subject themselves to a high degree of regulatory actions. Barter trading is legal in practically all known jurisdictions - they leave it as a private arrangement between citizens or corporate entities.

The accelerated rate of barter trading across national borders also creates new business opportunities. Existing resellers now need a platform for them to acquire digital inventory so that they may conveniently market, barter or resell to a greater market segment all over the world.

This also allows a business to realize its enterprise value faster than a traditional business. A traditional business may take 5 years to realize its enterprise value while a modern business only requires perhaps 2 months. Leveraging on blockchain barter trading, it can increase its customer base and also revenue in a much shorter time. Existing venture capitalists & private equity frms need a platform to discover and exploit these companies for massive gains for their portfolio.