JWC Blockchain Ventures (JWC) ICO

updated 25 January 2018

Blockchain Revolution Protocol Platform for Deployment of Tokenized Solutions to Serially Disrupt Targeted Industries.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Jun`18-30 Jun`18
Cap: 50 000 ETH
(7 230 000 USD)
Goal: No info
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A new era of venture capital

The ongoing trends of blockchain technology applications impact many small to large corporations and are disrupting various industries. At the frontier, JWC Blockchain Ventures establishes the first decentralized platform for venture capital investing with two missions:

1) Connecting the two worlds of Venture Capital and blockchain along with other advanced technologies AI, Machine Learning, Big Data and

2) Offering crypto-investors of any size a potential high return of investment through a transparent mechanism of investing in a pipeline of new disruptive opportunities in both equity and token investments.

Fuel startup ecosystem

JWC Blockchain Ventures is comprised of venture capital pioneers who move toward robust blockchain ecosystem to support promising startups & ICO from US, Europe to Asia. We sight opportunities in e-commerce, global logistics, biotech, advanced technology and social value.

Why a tokenized fund on blockchain

The biggest limitation of traditional venture capital (VC) model is that VC funds are not liquid. For that reason, investing in the most exciting stage of tech startups is reserved only for those who can afford to “forget” about their capital for 5-10 years. In other words, if you invested 1 million USD into a typical VC fund, you would be locking up that 1 million USDfor ten to fifteen years. As a result, the VC model is currently available only for accredited investors, institutional LPs and family offices. Asset tokenization refers to taking illiquid assets and issuing tradable tokens that give holders rights in these assets (“asset-backed tokens”), resulting in improved liquidity because the assets become tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges 24/7 every day in a week.

JWC Fund summary

JWC Strategy: Invest in tech innovator companies that address the needs of crypto communities and assist them in the following areas: – Drive growth inflection in our above-defined markets, – Deliver strategic partnerships – Provide operational high-growth support – Enable high value M&A, IPOs and TGEs. Fund size: up to 30 million USD as a 6-year time horizon: 3 years of new investments, and 3 years of follow up investments and portfolio management. Targeted number of investments: 15 Investment types: We are open to investing in both types of startups, those opting for VC rounds or a TGE.



Platform for VC investment of course very promising, never seen any projects like this before! Strong team, good idea, real investment cases = to the moon!


I find this ICO very interesting, good team, great idea. Gotta pour some money in it