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updated 01 January 2018

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Status: ended
Public sale: 12 Feb`18-29 Apr`18
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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About Jury.Online

Jury.Online is a revolutionary tool, which changes the interaction between investors and ICO projects once and for all.

No more promises. Instead: specific commitments by the ICO project and unconditional financing of the project if these commitments are met.

Jury.Online provides independent expert arbitration for fair resolution of any dispute between the parties.

The platform will:

How does it work in practice? 

The basis of any project is an idea and the team which implements it. But even the best team will have trouble converting the best idea into a quality product or service without timely and adequate funding. Efficient interaction with an investor is the key to success.

All these questions have the same answer: use the Jury.Online platform

The technical infrastructure of Jury.Online systematizes the relationship between project and investor and puts the expertise of highly professional specialists in finance, law, IT and blockchain at the disposal of both sides. So potential problems due to misunderstanding between the parties during project implementation are minimized or eliminated.

Investing always carries the risk that the project may not live up to its development plan, and every project is exposed to the risk that an investor will fail to provide agreed financing at a crucial development stage.

The experts of Jury.Online act as a third, independent party in the relationship between project and investor. In the first place, they help to design a balanced "investment roadmap", where each step forward in project implementation entails receipt of a portion of the total investment. So every new achievement of the project has its own price agreed in advance.

The agreed stages of project implementation, tied to specific events, are set out in a smart contract, based on which the investor deposits the entire amount of investments in ETH currency and the project deposits the respective number of tokens.

The project records completion of each stage and the investor and Jury.Online experts receive notification. Everything necessary to verify completion of the stage (technical, legal, financial and other documentation, statistical calculations, program codes, access to alpha/beta versions, databases, etc.) is stored in a closed part of the Jury.Online platform. The investor studies this information to obtain assurance that the stage has indeed been completed. A part of the sum in ETH is then automatically supplied to the project, and the corresponding number of tokens is supplied to the investor. The project proceeds to the next stage.

What happens if the investor does not verify a stage of project implementation? Jury.Online experts are automatically notified and immediately apply their skill to resolve the situation. If the parties cannot reach a consensus or do not want to negotiate, the experts act as arbitrators. They study all the materials provided, analyze their integrity, quality and agreement with the commitments assumed by the project. Each arbitrator makes his/her own judgment on the case and the final verdict is delivered by a majority of votes. The consequences of this verdict are:

Whitepapers: https://jury.online/#documents

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