updated 14 October 2018

JOOPS is providing a global electric scooter hire service, combined with a P2P sharing network. Unlike many other private centralised companies JOOPS allows the consumer to easily become an operator.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Dec`18-01 Mar`19
Cap: 5 000 000 USD
Goal: 3 000 000 BTC
(30 838 800 000 USD)
Price: 1 JOOPS = 0.02 USD
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JOOPScooter was established in 2016 and originally started out as a manufacturing and retail distribution company during this period we have become one of largest manufacturers and distributors of adult electric scooters to the consumer market. You can view our retail side of the business by visiting (

In recent years we have witnessed the strong growth of mobility services in cities around the world, with the birth of some of the largest international companies like Uber,  ZipCar and DriveNow. Witnessing this massive growth in the transport sector has inspired us to create the first global decentralized Electric Scooter, P2P sharing Eco-system, powered by the blockchain.

Our first step was to test the market by carrying out trials in a few major cities in Europe, we quickly established that we was on to something big, going by the willingness of commuters to embrace this new technology. It seems a new trend is emerging!

JOOPS allows users to be part of the electric revolution, finding a parking spot in town will no longer be an issue. In short JOOPScooters are environmentally friendly, convenient and easy to use, creating less congestion in busy cites. It is expected that the electric scooter sharing market will soon outgrow the free floating car sharing market.

Why is JOOPS different from its competitors? JOOPS is the world first electric scooter company on the blockchain providing a global electric scooter hire service, combined with a P2P sharing network. Unlike many other private centralised companies JOOPS allows the consumer to easily become an operator, by simply purchasing a JOOPScooter and  renting it out on our decentralized network. So in theory you could live in the US and own a JOOPScooter that is deployed in Australia for example. This allows the opportunity for anybody in the world to become an operator and create a passive income on the JOOPS network. Each scooter will have its own cryptocurrency wallet built in, allowing payments to go directly to the operator’s scooter, this will allow the operator to access their funds from anywhere in the world using their wallets private key. 
What started out as just an idea has developed into one of the most exciting sharing mobility projects on the blockchain. We’re proud of the business that we are creating, and relish the opportunity to offer our JOOPS sharing Eco system to the world, we strive to be pioneers of the electric revolution.