Jointly (JPT) ICO

updated 06 February 2018

The first platform, based on ethereum, which will allow group investments in ICOs to access the highest bonuses offered by ICOs

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Jun`18-23 Jun`18
Cap: 10 000 000 USD
Goal: 1 000 000 USD
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The platform jointly devised by JP company allows to invest in ICO using the method of the investment of the group.

In this way investors investing a figure equal to (in value) to a single investment will get bonus highest and therefore a greater number of tokens.

This procedure is completely decentralized and possible thanks to the use of smart-contract, which will operate in a wholly autonomous part of investment in the ICO and the consequent breakdown and sending of the tokens issued with the bonus payable directly to the wallet of the investor .

How it works

Initially projects will be entered directly by JP, or from the company that proposes its ICO by filling in a form google.

The platform will in future that projects are inserted by the members of the Community through a system for voting (before being active will be reviewed by the team in order to reduce the possibility of scam projects).

The projects directly proposed by JP may have bonus even more favorable; to participate in the ICO you must pay digital currency (initially we will accept only ethereum, in future, also other criptovalute as bitcoin,monero…) on a common portfolio indicated by the platform at the time of the investment and the tokens issued by various ICO will be automatically credited to the wallet of the investor with the percentage and the bonus payable.

Smart-contract technology

Technology at the base of the platform is the Ethereum blockchain that enables you to develop all the infrastructure necessary for the provision of our services.

Below the technical functioning of the smart-contract:

Contract inside will store the following information to the creation:

• in the variable icoName the name of ICO current

• in the variable nCustomers the number of people who have at that time invested at the beginning is set to 0

• in the variable icoAddress the address of the ICO

• in the variable threshold the maximum threshold of investment for this ICO

• in minInvestment variable the minimum investment of each single user initially set at 0 but variable

• in currentInvested variable amount of ETH invested up to that moment

• in the variable token the token type managed by the ICO current

• in the variable commonWalletAddress address of common wallet on which are sent the funds


To remember there There are two structures very important data, which are:

• customers: a vector that contains the addresses of all those who have invested in the ICO current

• investments: map which associates to each address of who has invested the amount invested.

When a user sends eth at the address of the smart contract, its address is stored inside the vector customers and added to the map investments associating value of ETH that the user has actually invested; moreover, are updated variables relating to investment and the number of users that the smart contract is managing.

At the time of the actual investment in ICO, the smart-contract will retain the total 3.5% (fee of platform) and the block until all users will not have received the token issued by the ICO.

In the case in which the investment cannot be completed even that 3.5% will be returned to the users.

Special cases

Situation 1.

The ICO has not enough token for the sum of ETH present in common wallet:

• in situations such as this the smart-contract will send to the ICO the maximum amount of eth for tokens available and the eth remaining will remain on the common wallet.

When the token will be sent to investors the smart-contract also resend the eth remaining always in relation to the percentage paid by the investor

Situation 2

the investment policy is canceled for any reason:

• The smart-contrat resend to investors the sum of eth paid including the tax withheld from the platform of 3.5%. The user will be returned the entire sum invested less taxs retained by blockchain for operations.

Model of the proceeds of the platform

The Platform will retain the total invested a success fee equal to 5% .

The fee of 5% will be used to pay for all the costs of the blockchain and for the continuous development and improvement of the platform.