updated 14 October 2018

A Protocol and DNS for Blockchain Networks

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About IOV

IOV is building a Blockchain Communication Protocol  and a Blockchain Name Service  to empower the next generation of blockchains. The Blockchain Communication Protocol , or BCP , protocol allows blockchains to be accessed in a standard way. This has multiple immediate consequences. The Blockchain Name Service , or BNS, will be the first blockchain implementing BCP and will be used to register blockchain names and definitions, as well as human readable value addresses (public key). IOV is creating the IOV Wallet, the first BCP compliant wallet, which will offer several benefits:

•  Human readable addresses: While traditional value addresses (e.g. 17Rts7fvY9Co2kja4DirzAbFX57j858yfx) are hard to remember, painful to transmit, and prone to error, BNS introduces human-readable addresses such as isabella*iov.value , which are memorable and easy to share.

•  Blockchain wallet interoperability: While users handling multiple crypto currencies and tokens are forced to manage different wallets, IOV Wallet leverages the BNS to operate across blockchains implementing BCP. It allows users to find, browse and transfer value on different blockchain networks on the same human address.

•  Atomic Cross Swap: The IOV Wallet will allow the safe exchange of token between the wallets implementing the BCP. This will open the doors to a whole new world of exchanges. Any token of any blockchain joining the BCP ecosystem will immediately be tradable, without any need of exchange, third party or additional development work.

The majority of our project is written from scratch. However, the consensus layer is using Tendermint. Our backend is in Golang and Nodejs. The front-end is on Reactjs.