IonChain (IONC) ICO

updated 10 July 2018

A High-Capacity IonChain Transactional System

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Status: ended
Public sale: 04 Jul`18-11 Jul`18
Cap: 1 600 ETH
Goal: 1 600 ETH
Price: 1 IONC = 0.000008 ETH
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About IonChain

We’re reinventing the blockchain without sacrificing decentralization or security. Meet our innovative double-layered blockchain - ION CHAIN

Double-layer blockchain (ION CHAIN)

The ION CHAIN consists of lastic sharding at layer one and a base blockchain to confirm the blocks from the first layer.

ION CHAIN cross-shard transactions

Cross-shard transactions are fully supported

Super-full node

Multiple honest nodes can run as a super-full node

Double spending protection

At least 50% of hash power is allocated to the base blockchain (root) to prevent double spending attack