Invictus Hyprion Fund team

updated 05 April 2018

A syndicated venture capital fund that provides independent investors access to the earliest stages of investing in blockchain projects.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 03 May`18-30 May`18
Cap: 15 000 000 USD
Goal: 15 000 000 USD
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    Daniel Schwartzkopff
    Luke Schwartzkopff
    Technical Director - Data
    Raymond Botha
    Matthew Finlayson
    Technical Director - Blockchain
    Bobby Jonker
    Fund Manager
    Bernard Myburgh
    Content & Media Producer
    Grant Gohl
    Creative Lead
    Steven Williams
    Strategy and Operations Director
    Ciaran MacDevette
    VP Analytics
    Brian Watson
    Cryptocurrency Investment Analyst
    Olubode Adetunji
    Analyst Developer Data Scientist
    Thomas van der Linde
    Marketing Communications Manager
    Justin Howes
    VP of Creative
    JC Visser
    Customer Support
    Grant van Helsdingen
    Front-End Web Developer