updated 21 September 2018

intimate is a cryptocurrency delivering payments and trust to the adult industry.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 26 Apr`18-07 Jun`18
Cap: 24 183 ETH
(3599639.55 USD)
Goal: 7 176 ETH
(1068147.6 USD)
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intimate is a cryptocurrency that facilitates payments and trust for the adult industry.

It is a pseudonymous reputation framework for decentralized markets. intimate enables safe transactions in a permissionless environment via trustless two-party escrow, and enables pseudonymous users to check a counterparty’s reputation before entering into a transaction.

The adult industry includes everything from live camming and online content, swinging and dating websites, novelties, lingerie and ecommerce sites as well as sexual health apps. Legal tax paying businesses in all of these categories have suffered institutional bias from banks, increased fees, frozen accounts etc due to the stigma that surrounds the adult industry - all of which affect YOU, the consumer.

In the adult services industry a provider’s sense of safety and willingness to pursue new business is reliant on trusting clients. In the absence of trust, service providers need to take additional, often inadequate, security measures prior to meeting a client.