Intellos Protocol (ITX) ICO

updated 07 August 2018

Intellos is closing the global wealth gap by creating a protocol based crypto investment bank.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Sep`18-15 Nov`18
Cap: 19 000 000 USD
Goal: 3 000 000 USD
Price: 1 ITX = 0.05 USD
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 Crypto Investment Bank Protocol

What is Intellos doing?

Currently, access to high performance alternative investment products is only in reach to some. Intellos wants to change that.

Intellos is building a crypto investment bank protocol that facilitates the tokenization of ETF-like quantitative trading and custodianless index funds and allows anyone to launch decentralized financial applications.

Through the Intellos Protocol, we’re enabling equal access to performant, custodianless investment opportunities and next-generation financial applications.

Intellos Protocol

The Intellos Protocol is a transparent and tamper-proof decentralized multi-nodal computing infrastructure with various built-in services that facilitate the tokenization of next-generation funds and power the Intellos ecosystem.



The Intellos Protocol allows anyone to offer their idle computing power and bandwidth to allow others the ability to applications on the protocol, all by downloading a simple node installer. The node installer sets up a docker environment with an assembly of integrated software and can be ran on any Windows, Linux or Mac machine. The docker container provided runs a stripped down version of CentOS and is preconfigured in a way that it automatically connects to the network and becomes a protocol node. Node operators are compensated for renting out their resources to the protocol with ITX. Compensation is determined by measuring the contributed amount of compute power and bandwidth, this can be thought of as similar to mining Bitcoin.

Leveraging The Protocol’s Compute Power

Arbitrary code written in typical languages is able to be run on the protocol. Now those who wish to leverage super computer-like distributed computing power for their applications backends have the ability to do so. This enables existing developers to be able to deploy a new breed of powerful, decentralized financial applications without learning new languages. Codebases that run on the protocol are managed via a git-like codebase manager.

Built-in Services

  • Tokenization
    The Intellos Protocol facilitates in the creation of Coin Traded Indexes and Coin Traded Funds, collectively known as Coin Traded Products. These asset-backed tokens are issued on the Wanchain blockchain.
  • Underwriting Engine
    Funds tokenized with the Intellos Protocol are able to be funded through the built-in underwriting engine. Pools of capital are able to be accessed and used to fund Initial Coin Offerings of funds launched via the protocol.
  • Liquidity Engine
    Tokenized funds are able to leverage the protocol’s built-in decentralized liquidity engine. The liquidity engine enables Intellos token holders to become market makers and provide liquidity to funds tokenized with the protocol.
  • Accounts
    To become a node of the protocol, launch tokenized funds, participate in our liquidity and underwriting engine and use applications built on the protocol, an Intellos account is required. Among other things, we’ll use these accounts to track various reputation metrics. For example, when an account is used to launch a fund, their reputation will be influenced by the performance of the fund. If an account deploys protocol nodes, their reputation will be tied to the uptime and performance of their nodes.