Inflr roadmap

updated 03 December 2018

The Evolution of Influencer Marketing

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Status: ended
Public sale: 10 Dec`18-11 Feb`19
Cap: 25 200 ETH
Goal: 2 000 ETH
Price: 1 INFLR = 0.000025 ETH
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  • 2015

    Vinta company starts Inflr platform development

  • 2016

    Beginning of Inflr development with internal team

  • 2017

    Launch of Inflr MVP for partner advertising agencies

  • 2018

    Beta version of platform developed, fully functional and with limited access for some customers to test Inflr Version 1.0 released in Brazilian market

  • 2019

    Development of token integration and smart contracts on the Inflr platform begins Release of native apps on iOS and Android Completion of token and smart contract integration Creation of the office in the United States and expansion of services to the North American market Development of new functionalities on Inflr

  • 2020

    Construction of the 1st Inflr Hub in Sao Paulo, Brazil begins Development of new functionalities on Inflr

  • 2021

    Construction of the office in England Inflr Platform expands services globally Development of new functionalities on Inflr Construction of new Inflr Hub in United States

  • 2022

    Construction of the office in Japan Development of new functionalities on Inflr. Construction of new Inflr Hub in England Construction of Inflr new Hub in Japan



A study by Mediakix (whitepaper) shows that influencer marketing is the fastest growing category in advertising, projected to be a US$5-10 billion market by 2020. INFLR as a blockchain-based platform, will try to connect advertisers with influencers/celebrities. This idea is being developed as well by other ICOs at the moment. One of the main project challenges will be to find and convince influencers to join the platform, as most of them are already paid by regular agencies and big brands, and the lack of clarity or accuracy in influencers’ rates and values.

I contacted Bruno Rodrigueiro, one of INFLR co-founders, asking for the whitepaper and quick and diligently, he answered me sending the requested info. (on Sunday). What is more, the same info. was requested via webchat, and Jessica, social media, answered as well. That makes me think the team is committed and ready to solve any question. 27 people are involved in the working group, team members and advisors, and 3 ambassadors Renato Albani, Vicenzo Richy and Patrick Maia (I’ve never heard about them….). Despite the MPV appears to be running, I couldn’t sign up. There is a geographical plan expansion for 5 years, with an increased investment in the platform, legal and marketing. According to the financial forecast the EBITDA will be negative till the fourth year, so be aware of the roadmap timeline in case you are planning to invest.