Incoreum (PreICO) (ICR) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Linear international finance.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 07 Feb`18-31 Mar`18
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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Incoreum (PreICO)

About Incoreum

ICR Gold offers the following benefits and features:

Standard Rights: ICR Gold tokens will have all of the uses and license rights that are provided by regular ICR tokens, as described in the white paper.

Early-Purchase Rights: ICR Gold will offer its holders an early-purchase right: specifically, when a financial instrument is issued on the Incoreum Global platform, ICR Gold token holders will have a short window during which only they can choose to use ICR Gold and receive the right to purchase the instrument, thereby pre-empting holders of regular ICR tokens.This means that ICR Gold holders will have a much better ability to get into oversubscribed or high-demand issuances, thereby greatly increasing their ability to participate.

Discounted Usage: ICR Gold will longer than standard ICR: all uses of the ICR Gold token on the Incoreum platform will have a 10% discount compared to standard redemption costs, allowing holders more access to the Incoreum platform before having to purchase more ICR.

Limited Number: As ICR Gold is used, a corresponding number of standard ICR will be issued on the Incoreum platform effectively converting ICR Gold into standard ICR. Since no new ICR Gold can ever be issued following the presale, the percentage of total ICR tokens that are ICR Gold will decrease over time until none exist. Accordingly, once used up, ICR Gold will disappear from the platform. ICR Gold owners will thus have an extra incentive to hold the token, providing additional stability to ICR and to the Incoreum platform.