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updated 18 September 2018

InToken is a cryptocurrency for business referrals and introductions.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 May`18-31 May`18
Cap: 3 000 000 USD
Goal: 46 000 000 USD
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  • 2014-2016

    People Graph AI was first drafted in 2014, and had evolved to its current form by 2016. A total of $3M in seed funding was raised.

  • 2017

    Business: First 10 Vendors acquired, and the business model validated. Ambassador community founded and grown to 2,500+ members by December.

  • Q1 2018

    Business: ICO started. Hiring of COO completed. Launch Partner Program kickstarted. Community grows to 50,000+ members. Development: Purcha

  • Q2 2018

    Business: Complete the ICO. Grow the community to 80,000+ members. First listing in crypto-exchanges. Tens of new vendors.

  • Q3 2018

    Business: Add tens of new Vendors. Grow the community to 120,000+ members.

  • Q4 2018

    Business: Add tens of new Vendors. Add localizations to the Wallet and the Intro flow. Grow the community to 160,000+ members.

  • Q1 2019

    Business: Add tens of new Vendors. Introduce InShare buyback rules and regulations. Grow the community to 200,000+ members.