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The safest ICO fundraising Platform 

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About ICOHeadStart

Then ICO HeadStart is secure ICO fundraising platform that currently exists. Where backers and creators find and reinforce each other. A platform that minimizes the risk for backers, and maximizes the chance of success for creators. - Your agreements are transparently recorded in smart contracts on blockchain, guaranteeing reliability and honesty; - You use the financial expertise, success and risk analysis of the ICO HeadStart compliance team, which regulates the pre-selection of ICOs; - Your investment is entrusted to the various projects step by step, through tight monitoring and via escrow, so that the creators adhere to the agreements; - You use the wisdom of the crowd through the ICO HeadStart community, who also determine which projects are promising; - You spread the risk by investing in ICO HeadStart’s own token, MOAT (Mother of all Tokens), the value of which is linked to all other tokens. This way you can never lose all your invested money, but you profit from the increases in value; - You pay no fees and no additional costs as an investor with ICO HeadStart. - You actively contribute to a new, distinctive and promising financial world – the new ICOnomy.