updated 01 January 2018

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About IAT

Real estate investing has been one of the most profitable ventures known to man. Totalling up the global property value (inclusive of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural land), the market cap is a staggering value of above US$210 trillion with residential property making up about 75% of it.

However, getting into the market has not been the easiest for the masses for various  reasons such as:

  • High capital requirements
  • Stringent financial regulations to gain access to mortgages
  • Restrictions on foreign ownership
  • High upfront charges and taxes on resale
  • Clear ownership transfer
  • Lack of transparency in the entire process framework which is especially so in developing countries

With the introduction of Instant Assets Tokens (IAT), the company aims to make property investment easily available to the masses through the digitization of assets. The company has plans to expand to other developing countries with focus first being placed on the Philippines market.

Other areas which we aim to target include the transparency of the resale and leasing processes. We will also be integrating other utilities for the tokens on the platform which includes paying for furnishing, legal fees and fees for engaging tax auditors.

The company will create our own IAT blockchain and utilize the funds from the ICO to acquire and create the first pool of assets on the IAT blockchain. The platform will also have multiple channels of usage with various partner merchants.