I'm Aero team

updated 13 August 2018

Production of manned and unmanned aerial vehicle

Token sale info
Status: ongoing
Start: 01 April 2018
End: 01 October 2018
Cap: 44 362 000 USD
Goal: 5 700 000 USD
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    Alexander Kosachev
    Founder. CEO.
    Daria Volkova
    Co-founder, head of marketing
    Sergey Mikryukov
    Founder. Technical Director.
    Boris Gubarev
    Chief Designer.
    Boris Podnebesnov
    Founder. Technical Director.
    Alexander Mikhailov
    Chief Designer.
    Yuriy Neganov
    Project Manager of Helicopter R-33.
    Rev Heghai
    Specialist in highly responsible products.
    Denis Gubarev
    Production manager.
    Sergey Tanygin
    Leading designer.
    Alexander Onikienko
    Dmitry Kulikov



Great project and idea. Implementing crypto to burst aviation technology to become huge. Detail investor will benefit from this technology