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FinTech solutions based on blockchain, for traders, hedge funds, miners and blockchain developers 

Cap:200 000 ETH
Price:1 ETH = 400 tokens
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What is HyperQuant?

HyperQuant team is going to release a set of products. Each of them meets the needs of a different target audience from an amateur personal contributor who wants to get the most of his several ETH or a BTC to an established hedge fund or a large-scale professional miner who operates with thousands or tens of thousands coins.

MentalChain Network

MentalChain Network - the technology of cryptocurrency contributing by means of exchange robots. Network participants control their coins with effective trading strategies or create and dispose their own, receiving tokens.

HyperQuant ECN

Electronic communication network. An intelligent Exchange Bidding Router. Get coins at the best price aggregated from the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in real time.

HyperQuant Hedging Service

Price risk Hedging Service for Miners and contributors. Secure your coins against price fluctuations.

HyperQuant Multimarket ECN

Would you like to trade your bitcoins, Apple, Google, and NVIDIA shares from one site? This technology enables you to access one account or multiple different world Marketplaces.

HyperQuant Core API for Fintech Solutions

With HyperQuant Core API, developers of cryptocurrency financial services will gain an effective tool that allows them to quickly create safe and functional products, wrapping the ready-made kernel. For example, mobile and web applications for robo-advising allow you to obtain the infrastructure necessary to create your own hedge fund, as well as advanced technologies for creating stock exchanges, exchange points, and marketplaces.