Hydrominer H3O roadmap

updated 07 May 2018

HydroMiner is a pioneer in the field of green cryptocurrency mining, utilizing hydropower from small to medium sized hydropowerstations.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 29 May`18-31 Jul`18
Cap: 7 000 000 USD
Goal: 7 000 000 USD
Price: 1 H3O = 0.07 USD
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  • Q4/2016 Founding of Hydrominer

    Founded by Nadine and Nicole Damblon, who came up with the idea to deploy the mining hardware directly into hydropowerstations.

  • Q2/2017 First Mining Farm in Schönberg

    Hydrominer rents the first hydro power station in Schönberg with an output of up to 290 kWh, around 120 mining units are deployed there.

  • Q4/2017 Successfull ICO

    Hydrominer raised 7346 Ether during the ICO, participants were able to buy H2O Tokens, which are vouchers for mining time in the miningfarms

  • Q4/ 2017 Second Miningfarm near Waidhofen

    Building of the second facility with 250 Antminers S9 and a container with 1152 GPU cards, constant energy supply of 600 kW.

  • Q1/2018 Mining portal go-live

    HydroMiner implemented a mining portal which allows users to redeem their H2O tokens towards 2-year mining contracts.( BTC, BCH. ETH, ETC..)

  • Q2/2018 Pre-sale H3O Token

    Investors will own a participatory right that will be converted into a tokenized security at the first day of the main sale.

  • Q3/2018 Main Sale H3O Token

    With the start of the main sale of H3O security token, H2O Token Holders can upgrade their H2O Tokens into H3O Tokens, for an 1 H2O : 50 H3O

  • Q3/2018 Building of new Mining Farm

    In Q3 HydroMiner will build new mining facilities, currently HydroMiner plans to mine in a cooling tower in Armenia , up to 30 MW available

  • Q2/2019 IPO

    The team will prepare the IPO of HydroMiner, probably at the AIM (Alternative Investment Market), a segment of the London Stock Exchange.