updated 01 January 2018

Blockchain eSports betting platform

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Status: ended
Public sale: 11 Aug`17-02 Sep`17
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HUNT.BET Advantages

  • Referral System
    HUNT.BET will have a referral system. You will be entitled to receive referral awards as the invited person places bets.
  • Bonus System
    Users will recieve bonuses for betting. Bonuses can be exchanged for money or used for buying gadgets in our online store.
  • Illusive Bets
    BlockChain excludes high commission for money turnover.
  • Broadcasting
    HUNT.BET will collect broadcasts for events which you can place a bet on. Users watching broadcasts on HUNT.BET will recieve awards for it.
  • Personal Area
    Information on user level, trophies, bet statistics (changes in balance), list of bets placed, jackpots, invited users and relevant referral rewards are displayed in personal area.
  • News Feed
    Use the news feed to follow events of the gaming industry. It will include twitter/instagram/facebook posts of e-sport teams and individual gamers. Users can have their own news blogs, the service will reward such user for the work done – evaluation will be based on other users' feedback.


Stage 1
≈$1M - 2 Days

You receive:
- 1 ht = 1$
- Exclusive jackpot

We realize:
- Finish the blockchain project
- Start the project in Open Source

Stage 2
≈$3M - 3 Days

You receive:
- 1 ht = 1.2$
- Exclusive jackpot

We realize:
- Create an analysing robot-unit (build a neural network)
- Connect to Oracle

Stage 3
≈$7М - 5 Days

You receive:
- 1 ht = 1.3$
- Exclusive jackpot

We realize:
- Monetizing the News System
- Completing the Social Activity Systems Development

Stage 4
≈$11М - 5 Days

You receive:
- 1 ht = 1.4$

We realize:
- Creating digital wallet with bets and translations
- Create our own currency converter
- Starting the HT crypto-currency emission
- Launching the Marketing campaign

Stage 5
≈$15М - 7 Days

You receive:
- 1 ht = 1.5$
*Special conditions

We realize:
- Form the first jackpot using invested funds
- Create streaming agency
- Create our own tournament arenas

 * Those who bought tokens during the 1st stage will receive a bonus at the 5th stage up to 50% of the number of bought HT tokens, but this number can not be higher than 50% of HT tokens bought in the 1st stage.
Example: Someone bought 2500 HT in the 1st stage. Than bought 2000 HT in the 5th stage and got 50% from these 2000 HT tokens (1000 HT is lower than a half of previously bought).