Human Discovery Platform (HD) ICO

updated 21 September 2018

Knowledge as inspiration to be yourself

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Status: ended
Public sale: 22 Nov`17-07 Dec`17
Cap: 30 000 000 USD
Goal: 500 000 USD
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Human Discovery Platform

About Human Discovery Platform

Our mission is to make human personality analysis methods more accessible, better justified and qualitative, as well as applicable in various spheres ​​of ​​life.

HD platform is the environment to create, test, and commercialize various methods and tools designed to improve the quality of a human life through defining his/her personal characteristics and providing recommendations for positive results.

HD ecosystem takes into account all of its participants' interests

  • Users get access to a set of high-quality methods and a reward for providing their information
  • Authors of methods receive a convenient environment for implementation of their ideas without the need to dig into the programming and commercialization of products for end users
  • Entrepreneurs receive a marketplace of various methods ready for commercial use and a potential consumer audience

There are a lot of examples of times when analysis of large amounts of data has allowed users to make a qualitative leap in the development of a specific company or entire industry, contributing to breakthroughs in social and scientific studies.

As a result of the development of the HD Platform, for the first time in the history of mankind, we'll have a sufficient scope of data for application of such effective tools as machine learning, clusterization, collaborative filtering, and many other data related to psychological behavior and the inner world of people.

Analysis of these data points will allow for new findings and help people to develop more harmonious relationships with themselves, with people around​​them,​​and​​ with ​​the​​ entire ​​world.