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updated 07 August 2018

Howwow is a revolutionary project, our goal is to eliminate user manuals and make video guides the new standard.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 29 Jul`18-28 Sep`18
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About Howwow

User manuals are a nightmare. Every consumer knows this very well. Whether you are purchasing a bed from IKEA or you are buying a Printer from PC world, there is one common thing many people ask, “How do I get this thing to work ?”.  Consumers are forced to stare hopelessly at a complex list of instructions and strange drawings. Research has shown that these types of user manuals are not only confusing they are not fit for purpose. Logic and empirical evidence tells us that watching video guides and following is provably easier than reading user manuals and following. Howwow is a platform that seeks to disrupt this multi billion dollar industry. Howwow will make it easy for companies to transition away from user manuals. Our platform will host and deliver video guide content produced by companies in the most effective way. There are many reasons why companies and consumers will benefit immensely, please go to our website and read our whitepaper to gain a full understanding about this great opportunity.