HighSeek (HISK) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Control Your Smartphone By Your Mind

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Status: ended
Public sale: 30 Mar`18-30 Apr`18
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About HighSeek

HighSeek is a neuro-headset-controller. Our main task is to simplify the use of smartphone applications and do it without hands, with the help of mind. The neuro-headset on dry electrodes, allowing to register pulses without a conductive gel.

The neural interface allowed us to identify the key points for obtaining high- quality signals for certain mental teams, so that their registration was as clear and explicit as possible. Just to get four commands. Two of which are the result of the mental command. and the rest are two extreme states - meditative mental relaxation and concentration.


The headset - the BCI (Brain-Computer-Interface) neurointerface is based on the EEG principles, and is a rim, on which there are 6 sensors for recording electrical impulses (5 electrodes and one neutral). One is located on the frontal lobe, four - in pairs above the ears, and one is attached with a clips for the lobe of the ear.