Hicky (HKY) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Fair Decentralized Blockchain Dating

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Status: ended
Public sale: 14 Feb`18-14 Mar`18
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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About Hicky

Dating and social interactions are a major case for blockchain! So basically all relationships, may it be friends/business or romantic, haven an underlying currency. And that is trust.Because current platforms dont support this value, they have one big issue, and that is the ratio from man to woman (always more men then women). Some platforms tried to favour women and their interest to solve this, but never really were able to solve this. Blockchain gives es not only the power to create an app that will be attractive to women, but also to built a dating app with longterm view ( the more companies/governments etc will use blockchain) We solve the ratio issue by addressing the current issues that all dating platforms have. We created an app infrastructure that focuses on the interests of female users. These are for example verified users, a safe dating experience (for example date deposits etc) through a consensus mechanism that kicks out people who behave in a bad matter.

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