Havven is decentralised payment network designed to enable everyday cryptocurrency purchases using a stable medium of exchange.

Token sale info
Status: TBD
Start: 23 May 2018
End: 23 May 2018
Cap: 30000000 eth
Goal: 60000000 eth
Price: 1 eth = 0 tokens
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Havven is decentralised payment network.

About Havven

Havven is decentralised payment network designed to enable everyday cryptocurrency purchases.


To enable everyday cryptocurrency payments by solving price volatility.

How it works

A dual token system: The Havven platform uses two tokens to achieve stability. The havven token provides the collateral for the platform. Nomin tokens, a stablecoin, are issued against the value of the collateral token. This dual token approach incentivises users to hold havven tokens because network transaction fees are paid to havven holders. As more people use nomins for everyday transactions, the value of havven tokens will increase due to the higher fees generated.

Decentralised and asset backed: Havven is a decentralised stablecoin, which means like bitcoin it is secure and resistant to censorship. However, in contrast to Bitcoin, Havven uses a decentralised asset to reduce price volatility. The asset backing for the stablecoin comes from transaction fees generated by the Havven network. This means the asset is distributed and cannot be lost, stolen or seized. Havven will allow anyone, anywhere, to transact with anyone else, creating a true peer-to-peer electronic cash system, and unlocking the full potential of cryptocurrency.

Rewarding everyday cryptocurrency purchases: Havven achieves stability by creating a system of incentives to encourage users to stake Havven tokens as collateral to support the stablecoin. Each transaction generates fees that are paid to Havven token holders. As the networks grows, the value of the platform increases and active participants are rewarded with increased transaction fees.

This permissionless, low-fee, and stable payment network will enable anyone anywhere to transact with anyone else. Join us in creating the future of money.