Harmony roadmap

updated 26 November 2018

Let’s build an open marketplace at Google-scale.

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Blockchain: Own blockchain
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  • 2018 Q2

    Validating OmniLedger protocol​ in Go sustains 10k tx/sec and adversarial attacks with 10k nodes

    Completing legal setup and distribution model for tokens

    Forming a team of 5 engineers​ and raising a $?M seed round

  • 2018 Q3

    Opening public benchmarks for 10k nodes

    Validating lock-free and allocator-free algorithms​ in Rust scale linearly on a 96-core unikernel on Amazon Cloud

    Validating Google’s UDP​ sustains broadcast at 100ms latency with 10k nodes and saturated 10 Gbps links

    Raising $?M as the initial private token presale

  • 2018 Q4

    Opening public mining​ of Harmony tokens with testnet and token economics

    Deploying to 10k devices​ for IoT, autonomous robots, supply chain operations

    Raising $?M as the final private token presale

  • 2019

    Deploying to 100k tx/sec for payments and financial institutions

    Deploying to 100k nodes with 100k tx/sec​ and 1s latency

    Listing Harmony tokens ​on crypto exchanges

    Supporting contracts, anti-pooling, multi-signatures, mobile clients