Harbor (HBR) ICO

updated 17 July 2018

Harbor Project is a decentralized software distribution platform based on blockchain technology.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 03 Jul`18-02 Aug`18
Cap: 7 600 ETH
(2 056 560 USD)
Goal: 1 000 ETH
(270 600 USD)
Price: 1 HBR = 0.023 USD
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About Harbor Project

Harbor Project is a decentralized software distribution platform based on blockchain technology.

It stores software license information in a blockchain and enables in-app payments through a smart contract.

Harbor Project aims to support various platforms of desktop and mobile.

Harbor team has completed prototype development and issued token via UAICO, a new cryptocurrency issuance model.



UAICO keeps all invested assets locked on smart contracts and has them as an underlying asset in newly issued currencies.

When issuing a new currency, UAICO will allocate a portion of it as development funds and founder shares (our guideline is to allocate more than 50% of the total amount of new currency to investors) Recent ICOs have darkened the market for blockchain technology.

our team was worried about ICO's current problems.

Our ICO model focuses on investor protection and is a good way to raise money for business models that have a profit model.

And UAICO is a model that prevents ICO from doing business for itself, it can collect minimum funds, and gradually expand business value and currency value.

Our UAICO model includes not only the issuance conditions but also the rules in the execution process.

For more information, please refer to Harbor Project and UAICO white paper on the below webpage. https://www.toharbor.com

And we are introducing this more easily in our online meetup site.


Token distribution

All invested assets are locked on a smart contract and can be withdrawn at anytime.

(Principal is not guaranteed,only community share)

We do not private sale and pre-sales for fair distribution, and do not offer bonus more than 5%


Distributed to Community 70% HBR, Team 30% HBR