GYM Ledger (LGR) ICO

updated 02 October 2018

The World’s 1st Health Band with integrated Hardware Wallet. Specially built to support the GYM Rewards app and to protect your crypto assets .

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Status: ended
Presale: 01 Oct`18-16 Oct`18
Public sale: 01 Oct`18-31 Dec`18
Cap: 40 000 BTC
(314 510 000 USD)
Goal: 40 000 ETH
(9 788 800 USD)
Price: 1 LGR = .002 ETH
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Utility
Country: United States of America
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GYM Ledger Health Band is able to utilize Bluetooth technology to connect your personal device with the GYM cryptocurrency mining app that will reward you for the use of GYM Ledger. In addition, GYM Ledger will sport all traditional technologies of a top-quality Health Band, helping you to optimize your lifestyle!

What’s more, GYM Ledger hardware wallet will offer multicurrency support and will help you to send and receive crypto easily!



About GYM Ledger

What's better than a fitness band? A fitness band capable of securely store your cryptocurrency! The GYM Ledger initial coin offering is funding the GYM Ledger fitness bracelet. The GYM Ledger will be capable of working with the GYM Reward's App for minting many different tokens with its heart rate monitor and POE (proof of exercise) capabilities while also serving as a multicurrency hardware wallet.

Innovative mobile app that allows you to mine GYM cryptocurrencies with your body. Get Ready to exercise! The GYM Rewards app requires you to exercise to earn your cryptocurrency. The GYM Ledger uses it's heart rate monitor and calories tracking for mining GYM Rewards and a varieaty of supported Tokens.


Forgot to add that the Pre-Sales list is almost full. 


Gym ledger is  one of the most innovative project in crypto currency world and their unique idea make them stand out from other projects. Gym ledger is world first health band with hardware wallet. Using Gym ledger you can mine GYM Reward token on Gym Reward App which is very unique because you are mining using your body. They do have MVP which is really cool for people to add trust to this ICO and their I personally already mining GYM reward token on their app and you can find me on the leader board and I don't know how long I keep my ranking and see really good competition for mining which is really cool . The CEO Carmelo Milian  is very active in telegram and listen to all your inputs and make you feel really welcomed and their bounty program is also on going on Bitcoin talk program for GYM reward token.. Please don't miss the great opportunity and grab your Gym ledger before it runs out. I highly recommend GYM ledger  for all people who want to stay health and earn while sweating on each day.

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This is a very interesting project. What could be better than to go in for sports, to become a healthy and strong person, and make a profit for it? Previously, it was impossible to imagine.
It is worth participating in this ICO, because we will get the finished product and make a great contribution to the development of GYM Rewards.
I am sure that if the team of developers of GYM Ledger will be able to collect completely Soft Cap, it will greatly help in the development of the app as a whole. And there will come a time when peoples in all fitness rooms around the world will use the GYM Rewards app and earn on their body. And the main feature of the project is that it is a cryptocurrency that is not associated with the national currency of different countries
And I'm sure that will happen. The project team consists of experienced and promising people who, after GYM Rewards ICO, able to make a quality and working product. Carmelo Milian is a very responsive ISO Executive that will answer any question that is related to both the ICO and the app and the project as a whole. Other people in the project team are also doing a great job to keep the app running and communicating with their app users. The project team knows several languages, which can also be considered a big plus.
I personally decided to check how the app works before thinking about buying GYM Ledger tokens. First we need to go to the Play Market or App Store and download the Gym rewards app. Then goes the process of quick registration where we just need to enter the desired username, email address, password, upload a profile photo, select the parameters of your weight and set your age. All, your profile is ready! Go to your account and connect your Bluetooth device monitor. I used the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, which had to be plugged into the MiFit app first and then into the app itself. So, we have connected your device, and now choose the desired type of occupation, which we will now exercise. And so,we start training. The pulse is starting to rise and we are starting to earn more and more GYM tokens. During 2 hours of exercise I managed to earn 620 tokens! And it's great, considering that every 5 minutes a block of 100 tokens is generated, which are distributed among all people, who are making money on their bodies now.
Given all this, I can safely say that GYM Ledger is a great investment in the future of app that innovative. It has a huge number of advantages and a great team that is able to bring that beautiful product to the world level!


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