updated 01 January 2018

Gambling Porn Network

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Status: ended
Public sale: 13 Feb`18-15 Apr`18
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GPN COIN was built on the idea that privacy, User transparency, and data security should be blocked for Several Industries like gaming (casino/poker/bingo/sport/lottery/porn/adult/etc) and adult industry. So we believe that the Billions those corporations are keeping this data to share it with the government and also they can hold you in the balls if they want to, it belongs to you and you only.

We want to help you take back the control and have a say about your privacy.

So we’ve created a decentralized Anonymous network, separate from those corporations that allow exactly that. You have a say, you get compensated, and above all you take back the power with every click and every social connection.

While users play in demo mode they stay Anonymous but when they want to become premium users they need to pay and for that those gaming and adult companies don’t have privacy and they by force make the users upload identifications like passport copy or id copy so they could know more about you before you pay them with some payment method like credit card or PayPal that knows all about you before they approve you!

By using GPN COIN they will not need to know who you are anymore! You will be able to pay them and still stay Anonymous

We got to conclusion that the only way for keeping the users safe and Anonymous will be by GPNCOIN as only in payment those specific companies demand your identity! We already have agreement with the biggest exchanges worldwide to be published at April 1 and also we have agreement with more than 150 gaming and adult companies and already started integration with them in order to go live on April 1 to their gaming and adult platforms as official payment methods





GPN COIN is probably a scam coin. I have to warn people about this coin. We promoted them and at the end they changed the rule. They now ask very high fees to send our deserved airdrop. At their telegram, if you wont be banned, you can read the most stupid excuse you have ever heard. They even do not know anything about cryptocurrency transaction and security. I strongly believe that all people who invest on this coin will loose their money. Don't be deceived by these liars. Do not invest. Just be away from this unreliable project.