Good Game (GG) by ClanPlay (GG) ICO

updated 06 June 2018

World’s first marketplace for In-Game Actions where anyone can pay players for services (through Good Game (GG) tokens).

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Jul`18-26 Aug`18
Cap: 23 680 269 ETH
(5115411709.38 USD)
Goal: 23 680 269 ETH
(5115411709.38 USD)
Price: 1 GG = 0.079 USD
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World’s first marketplace for In-Game Actions

ClanPlay is introducing a new marketplace for in-game actions where players and interested entities can incentivize other players to act upon their causes. This will lead to a new meritocratic system where skill in games is financially valuable at large. Any action that can be tracked - can be paid for!

ClanPlay believes that the time has come for players to be directly compensated for trying out and playing new games, and blockchain is the facilitating catalyst to drive this revolution forward and assure that any gamer, even unbanked, can get paid for having amazing skills.


Before launching the Good Game project, ClanPlay has become the highest rated app for gamers with 4.8 stars rating and 1.5m users. The company was formed 2 years ago and raised equity investments from games industry leaders, as well as government grants for technological innovation.


Token Overview

The token will be introduced as a utility cryptographic token for use in digital gaming activities. GG empowers trading of in-game actions, player compensation, rewards and payments. GG will serve as the basis of interoperability with other games interacting with the ClanPlay suite of applications.

In character, GG is a fractionally divisible cryptographic token of fixed supply. A small portion of the GG supply will be offered to private purchasers in the near future, as most of the GG supply is reserved for rewards, marketing, operations and indie game developers support. Like other cryptocurrencies, units of GG are transferable, and they are expected to be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.




Direct Discovery Campaigns:

The Games advertising market is estimated at more than 60 billion USD per year. Unfortunately, these colossal budgets are spent with a handful of giant platforms that share none of it with the users clicking on the ads! The Good Game Marketplace will open up the ability for developers to pay players directly for discovering and then progressively engaging with their games.


The market will further enable developers to pay influencers such as YouTubers, streamers and power players - a share of revenues generated by players brought by them to the game. It is a great opportunity to help these influencers gain adequate rewards for the value they bring to the industry.


Peer to Peer Actions Trading

Players and other interested parties can pay other players for services inside games. Example use-cases are leaders forming a new clan (a team) in a game and offering players (above a certain level) payment for joining and spending time in their clan; or creating rewarded

challenges for existing clan-members to incentivize and engage them onwards. Another example can be aspiring players paying mentors for spectating their match and guiding them through it.


Think how engaging and viral it can be. Say you are a person that cares for 10$ and you’ve just been paid 10$ to join a clan for a week. Would you ever join another clan that doesn’t pay you? No, of course not. And you will go around to all of your friends, to tell them how you’ve just made money playing games!


In a survey administered to more than 1,000 ClanPlay users from various countries, it became clear that there is indeed a demand for compensation for joining a clan, and on the other hand, desire for monetary tools to assist clan Recruitment. More than 3 quarters of players said they would consider joining a clan that pays them, and nearly half of clan leaders who spend money in the game, said they would consider paying a strong player to join their cause!


Cross-game Tournaments

GG holders are given the power to setup action-based tournaments where the prize pool is split between participants. This exciting opportunity opens a whole new world of cross game competitions based on any in-game activity - any action that can be tracked, can be made into a tournament goal. With an automatic identification of winners and allocation of prizes and where tournaments can run across games and even, across platforms.


Think of the exciting opportunities unlocked in creating game triathlons where multi-talent teams would compete in a match that could span across Hearthstone, Fortnite and CS:GO for example.


Discovery for Indie Developers

Indie developers that operate mostly underfunded are unable to cover the high costs of constantly acquiring players for their games; they rely on organic discovery and platform featuring in either the Apple Appstore or on Google Play. With close to 60,000 applications released every week to the mobile stores, getting a weekly spotlight among approximately 500 featured apps (across all categories and collections) is an elusive goal. Most developers cannot get the attention of the app stores teams and will never get their games featured.

ClanPlay aspires, along with fulfilling its financial goals, to contribute to the further development of the games industry by allocating a small portion of the tokens created towards promoting indie games, providing them with a valid and very relevant, source of discovery.