GoMineWorld (GMW) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

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    Status: ended
    Public sale: 07 Oct`17-07 Nov`17
    Cap: No info
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    About GoMineWorld


    This project should solve two important and global problems. At first, it is a problem of motivating a person for movement and ending a sedentary lifestyle. the second problem is of using cryptocurrency by ordinary people, we understand that despite the significant successes in the crypto world, the total mass of people do not understand how to use it. To date, cryptocurrencies (except bitcoin) are used as speculative assets. They have not real use in life.

    After many discussions, we finally found a solution to these two problems. We decided to create fitness bracelets thanks to which people will be able to monetize their movement. It's really an innovation! Now people will have an incentive for movement that will solve the problem of a sedentary lifestyle and attract all people to active use of cryptocurrency


    The main purpose of GoMineWorld™ is that people will be able to earn a cryptocurrency by means of movement, which in the future can be exchanged for real money. This solution will motivate people to move, to active way of life and to use the cryptocurrency. We will start production of unique fitness bracelets. The person who will have such a bracelet will receive tokens, the number of which is proportional to the number of kilometers they have traveled. This will help all to understand the value of the cryptocurrency, the simplicity of its use and the importance of movement for a person.