updated 21 November 2018

GOLDFUND is enabling near term precious metals producers get into production by providing the capital they need. In return GOLDFUND is rewarded with part of the production.

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Status: ended
Presale: 01 Oct`18-30 Nov`18
Public sale: 01 Dec`18-31 Dec`18
Cap: 100 000 000 USD
Goal: 5 000 000 USD
Price: 1 GFUN = 0.01 USD
Blockchain: Other
Offering type: Utility
Country: Australia
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GOLDFUND is an incentivised gold ecosystem - a source of capital for mining and investment in precious metals and providing liquidity with transactable cryptocurrency coins and physical gold exchange. You can liquidate your GFUN coins by selling them on an Exchange or using them to purchase Gold at a discount price from our partner ZOMIA GOLD Exchange. More details please visit