updated 18 September 2018

Tokenizing the Intelligent Automotive Marketplace

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Jan`18-01 Mar`18
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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About Glu

GLU Token Sale Information

Estimated token value in ETH offered in this token sale: 245,993.59 ETH, (subject to variations thru the crowdsale)

200 million (200,000,000) total tokens created, of which 62.5% will be sold in the token sale (presale + public token sale)

The Company will complete a GLU Token pre-sale at approximately 11:59 pm, PST on August 17, 2017, and will commence a public sale of GLU during a sale period (“Sale Period”). The public sale of GLU will begin at approximately 12:00 am PST on August 18, 2017 (“Launch Date”) and continue until either:

(a) All 125,000,000 GLU Tokens have been sold or (b) 245,993.59 ETH has been received by Company or (b) 11:59 pm, PST on September 18, 2017, whichever is earlier.

Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 400 GLU*

Token Type: In App tokens to purchase and sell automotive parts and services.

37.5% of GLU tokens remain at the Company for market seeding, user incentives, salaries and bonuses. Should not all offered tokens be sold in the Token Sale, the non sold tokens will be burned.
Bonus Tiers: GLU bonus tiers allocate bonus tokens to buyers as per the following schedule based on sold volume in ETH:

Tier Bonus GLU Base with Bonus Total GLU Available 1 50% 600 50,000,000 2 30% 520 25,000,000 3 20% 480 25,000,000 4 0% 400 25,000,000       125,000,000

No tokens will ever be added to the supply. No minimum ETH amount Ethereum ERC20 token ETH is accepted in this token sale.

* The conversion rate ETH/ GLU will change during the crowdsale due to the bonus discounts. This price is without any discounts