updated 10 July 2018

The new decentralized collaborative Web model that solves major problems of today's Internet, bring the new approach to the online advertisement and makes the competition and monopoly least possible. Powered by the new generation greener flexible blockchain based on AI and Big Data analysis patterns, decentralizes the search, social networks and integrates full VR technology support.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 May`18-15 Jul`18
Cap: 86 000 ETH
(23 163 240 USD)
Goal: 4 200 000 ETH
(1 131 228 000 USD)
Price: 1 GLOB = 1500 USD
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    Dimitri Kostin
    Gruad Technologies CEO, Project Globatrix Architect
    Michael Lungo
    Founder of TKVR/CUR1YJ Interface Master
    Satyam Agrawal
    Founder of SecureBlocks Blockchain Master
    Marco Romero
    Founder and CEO of Marco Romero 3D Design Studio
    Varun Pratap Singh
    Cryptography/Signal Master
    Dejan Vujicic
    Math, Electrical/Computer Engineer
    Ana Helena Bittencourt
    Deadlines, Public Relations