Global Metrology Project (GMP) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Jan`18-01 Mar`18
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Global Metrology Project

About Global Metrology Project

According to experts the share of expences for the metrological provision constitutes 5—10 % of social labour, as for the branches of industry producing complex equipment, it reaches 20—30 %. The cost of metrological works and services in developed countries constitutes 4—6 % of the gross domestic product (GDP).

1.5 trillion $ is just a part of already existing market at which GMP Project is oriented.

In the era of wide introduction of new technology and automation the global metrology services market grows at more than 10% every year.

The Clusters will start generating and implementing innovative ideas which means creating new global markets.


In the nearest future more than 200 GMP centers will be opened in 70 countries of the world. The innovative technology Clusters will open their doors in the countries of Asia and Europe. The Clusters will become a scientific platform for creation and implementation of 1000 amazing projects.

The fulfillment of such tasks as renewable energy, medicine of the future, artificial intelligence, quantum computer, bioinformatics and other future issues which boggle the human mind is to facilitate uniting together the hundreds of scientists in the walls of the Clusters.