Immortalize your identity on the Ethereum blockchain. Use GZR tokens to unlock scarce digital collectibles for your profile. Compete in thou

Token sale info
Status: ended
Start: 15 March 2018
End: 10 April 2018
Cap: 6000 ETH
Goal: 6000 ETH
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Gizer Platform

Gizer is the network to fuel the competitive gaming and eSports economy. Competitive events are the pinnacle of entertainment, yet there is little infrastructure in place to grow competitive communities. Gamers can’t find quality events quickly enough and individuals are discouraged from hosting their own events due to the lack of easy-to-use infrastructure. The Gizer platform acts as a network, connecting the entire gaming community through the wide array of competitive events, products, and services found on the platform. Gizer serves as the infrastructure to connect and support the gaming world - gamers, hosts, services, businesses, and venues all make meaningful connections on the platform, creating more efficient gaming and eSports communities.

What is GZR?

The Gizer token, or GZR, is an ERC20 token conceived on the public Ethereum blockchain. GZR uses the latest advances in blockchain technology for seamless integration across multiple gaming platforms. GZR represents an unlockable profile that must first attached itself to the user’s Gizer Global Identity (GG-ID). When a token is unlocked, it creates a randomized profile that is applied to the gamer’s avatar. By unlocking more tokens, users gain prestige within the gaming community and are rewarded exclusive items, rank boosts and badges. The GZR token will help gamers best leverage the Gizer platform, providing them with a universal gaming profile. Additionally, GZR tokens will be accepted as payment for a number of different fees and commissions on the Gizer platform.

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Gizer is on the App Store with users engaging on the network. A Gizer "alpha" version was also recently released to Android users found: