updated 15 November 2018

World-First Cryptocurrency covered by Polished Diamonds and Gold Bullions

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Sep`18-30 Dec`18
Cap: 60 000 ETH
(13 756 800 USD)
Goal: 750 000 ETH
(171 960 000 USD)
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Total amount of tokens to be emitted till 2023th = 50’000’000 GIDs Coins.

Tokens share:

Team-members and advisors = 5’000’000 GIDs

Pre-Sale (closed sale for strategic investors) = 2’500’000 GIDs

Pre-ICO = 7’000’000 GIDs

ICO Campaign = 15’000’000 GIDs

Bounty campaign = 500’000 GIDs

Coins reserved for mining at duration of 5 years starting from 2019th = 20’000’000 GIDs with approximate yearly emission – 4’000’000 GIDs

Coins which will not be sold during ICO – moving to mining reserve. All unmined Coins after 2023th will be sold at Post-ICO.


PGID = 0,5*(Vd*PmR+Vg*PmLBMA)/VGIDT  ,


PGID – Smart Token (GID) price

Vd – Volume of Secured diamonds, owned by company

PmR – Monthly Price of diamonds (according to Rapaport)

Vg – Volume of Secured gold, owned by company

PmLBMA – Monthly Price of diamonds (according to London bullion market (LBMA))

VGIPT Smart Token Total Volume (GIDs total Volume)


At ICO launch the GID price will be average $20 which can vary during the crowd-sale due to the revisions in the exchange rate: 

·       ICO investors are given GIDE (GID pre-launch) tokens that can be converted to GID after company has secure enough polished diamonds and gold bullions;

·       GIDE tokens will be moved to new blockchain platform and converted into GID in a 1:1 proportion;

·       ICO cap will be set in fiat 20 days before ICO;

·       minimum cap for ICO is USD 40’000’000,00. If less than that is raised, the investors receive their funds back;

GIDE tokens are released when tokens are distributed around one month after ICO starts.