GGRocket (GGR) ICO

updated 13 July 2018

BigData Analysis and Escrow for In-Game Trading

Token sale info
Status: upcoming
Start: 01 September 2018
End: 30 September 2018
Cap: 15 000 000 USD
Goal: 3 000 000 USD
Price: 1 GGR = 0.01 USD
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About GGRocket

The GGRocket project has been evolving for over two years and has turned from a marketplace for gamers, into a high tech company, that uses data analysis and machine learning technologies to produce high-quality target advertisement. GGRocket introduced auto escrow, reliant on video recognition and game API interaction. All these highly valuable and complex technologies do not work to their 100% without an intermediary that can bring them together.

GGRocket will change how the gaming marketplaces work and will open the doors for direct advertising for in-game goods and services. People from all around the world will be able to sell and buy exactly what is needed and at the time when it is needed. We will be able to build a truly decentralized market of needed goods and services for those, who enjoy gaming.