updated 25 April 2018

Gese is a blockchain platform that protects against counterfeit products by placing NFC tags on alcoholic products.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 26 Jun`18-04 Oct`18
Cap: 49 090 ETH
Goal: 3 818 ETH
Price: 1 GESE = 5500 ETH
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The Gese blockchain-platform is a worldwide database of all alcoholic beverages, allowing users to quickly select a quality product that matches their taste preferences. Searching for information has never been easier: now, to get a complete product content information, a consumer just needs to place his smartphone over the NFC-label attached to the bottle. The Gese application gives the user a whole range of tools for selecting alcoholic beverages:

•     verification of the authenticity of the goods: the data about each produced bottle are entered into the blockchain and guarantee the safety of the product;

•     the feedback and rating system that allows you to make choices based on other users' reviews;

•    individual recommendations offered by the built-in artificial intelligence (AI);

•    a site for blogging about alcohol with rewards for posts payed in cryptocurrency;

•    price comparison at nearby stores;

•    remuneration for the delivery of used bottles to the glass container recycling points.