GeoFunders (GUNS) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Build Blockchain-related applications and ser

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Status: ended
Public sale: 25 Jun`17-25 Jul`17
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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About GeoFunders

GeoFounders software supports many different blockchain platforms. As a matter of convenience, we have chosen Ethereum (ETH) as the platform from which the primary distribution contracts and token management software operate. We felt separating the concerns across platforms would make management and coordination untenable.

Funds that are raised will go towards the following for GeoFounders:

  • Team Leads: The current ratio of team lead versus application is 1:4. Additional trusted team leaders would be added to GeoFounders to lower the ratio to 1:2 and for some of the more ambitious applications 1:1.
  • Design: A few reliable professional designers will be brought in-house to expedite the creation of game assets and to improve user experience and interface design across all applications.
  • Marketing & Public Relations: We intend for version 1.0 of our product catalogue to compete with mainstream products in the market. To accomplish this task we will utilize a combination of traditional and unique marketing campaigns to get the word out. Campaigns will remain within very tight budget constraints.
  • Business: The blockchain space is extremely new, enabling many potential development and partnership opportunities.
    Capital Reserve: Most of the capital will be kept in reserve for bootstrapping the initial catalogue development. A portion of the funds are alloted for potential acquisition/acqui-hire opportunities and group opportunities that benefit the entire collective.

Payout Information

  • Distribution: Distribution is determined based on GUNS ownership, with 10% of revenue alloted towards continued development. Example: If you own 5% of the total GUNS supply then you will receive 4.5% of the collected profits.
  • Non-Ethereum Payouts: Tokens collected on non-Ethereum platforms will be liquidated on a bi-weekly basis into ETH and transferred into the collective distribution contract. Members have the option to use the GeoFounder application (ETA October, 2017) to specify accounts for other platforms and have their earnings in these tokens routed to their native accounts instead of liquidation.
  • Autonomous Collections: GeoFounders utilizes Ethereum smart contracts to hold GUNS token holder earnings until their request. Due to the nature of smart contracts, funds are not routed to accounts and instead must be requested by the token holder.
  • Manual or Periodic Collections: Some GeoFounders software will have manual or semi-manual fee collection processes. When necessary, funds collected through this process will be transferred to a trusted oracle, then liquidated and routed to the GeoFounders distribution contract.
    Transparency: Detailed transparency will be employed regarding any interactions with GeoFounders funds not immediately visible in the blockchain.